Public Prosecutor Examinations Coaching Classes in Mukherjee Nagar, Delhi

A Public Prosecutor (PP) is an advocate who represents the state or the people of the state in a criminal trial. The present criminal justice system of our state is based on the principle that any crime committed by an individual or groups against others are deemed to have been committed against the society. The prosecution and punishment for the crime is, therefore, the responsibility of the state and not that victim of crime. Such prosecution, on behalf of the state, is performed by the Public Prosecutor. A Public Prosecutor can be described as a Minister of Justice who plays a critical role in maintaining purity and impartiality in the field of administration of criminal justice.
The chief function of a Public Prosecutor is to protect the citizens. A Public Prosecutor’s duties also include instituting, undertaking, or carrying on criminal proceedings in any case against the Government and for the Government.


Course Duration

08 Months


Class Duration

2 and half Hours


Days (Weekly)

5 Days Weekly (Monday to Friday)





Demo Classes

3 Free Demo Classes


Batch Size




  1. The test will be of two hours’ duration and will carry a maximum of 100 marks.
  2. The test will be objective type questions with multiple choices of answers.
  3. There will be penalty for wrong answers. Every wrong answer will carry a deduction of one-third of the marks assigned to that question. If no answer is marked for a question, there will be no penalty for that question

The syllabus of the question paper for the post of Public Prosecutor comprises the following major topics/broad areas. The level of the question paper will be that of L.L.B. programme of recognized Indian Universities. The medium of the test will be English only.

  • Criminal Law including IPC and Cr. PC
  • Constitutional Law
  • Evidence Law
  • Prevention of Corruption Act
  • Delhi Special Police Establishment Act
  • Information Technology Act (IT Act)
  • Central Vigilance Commission Act (CVC Act)

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