Founder's Message

Brajesh Braj Law bridge academy

Greetings from Brajesh Braj!

I wish to thank you for showing interest in Career Bridge, New Delhi. We have been providing quality education for law Exam aspirants for the past 5 years and over 500 students have cherished their dream from Career Bridge under the guidance of Brajesh Braj since its inception in 2012.

Law Entrance aspirants generally find themselves in the ocean of misunderstandings and dilemma when it comes to preparing for Judicairy exam from an institute which offers them quality education. In an era that has come to become the encapsulation of competition, law Entrance Prerpration Institutes face the very pressure that they prepare their aspirants for. The pressure of performance and quality apply to Institutes too like never before, and the skillful handling of these very pressures makes the Carrer Brdige stand out in a crowd.

Carrer Bridge has already established itself as one of the top Judicial exam entrance coaching centre in Delhi, but that is just the tip of the iceberg compared to the huge initiatives and progress the institute is making. An excellent teacher is a role model for good teaching. Good teaching is a high priority for us. We implement intensive, innovative and professional learning designed exclusively for judiciary exam aspirants.

Our vision is to prepare future judges and lawyers who are responsible for the development of the legal system, and thus in some way to the development of society,.....

We look forward to build long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with you.